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Akita Cockroach Killing Bait Station
Traps / Monitors / Bait Boxes
Packaging 10x0.5g (5g NET)

Your Home Exterminator!

* Irresistible to Cockroaches

* Combat Drug Resistant Cockroaches

* Kills an Entire Colony of Cockroaches
225.00 php(VAT incl.)
Akita Fly Bait Station
Traps / Monitors / Bait Boxes
✅ Easy to use
✅ Keep the ground clean from unwanted dead fly
✅ Reduces potential exposure to children, pets and livestock
✅ Perfect for barns, warehouses, stables, feedlots, dumpsters, kennels and broiler houses.
499.00 php(VAT incl.)
B&G Cockroach Monitor/Trap
Traps / Monitors / Bait Boxes
10 pcs flow-wrapped

◾Large surface area for sensitive monitoring and for trapping larger species such as American cockroaches
◾Effective against all main cockroach types
◾Low height for sliding under units in industrial kitchens to remain out of sight and closer to the harbourage areas cockroaches prefer
◾Proven industry-leading pheromone attractant contained within the glue
◾Dry-touch, no-mess glue
250.00 php(VAT incl.)
Fly Bait Station
Traps / Monitors / Bait Boxes
Wall mounted Fly Bait Station
799.00 php(VAT incl.)
Rodent Bait Box (Large)
Traps / Monitors / Bait Boxes
* Double lock design,external sticker warning sign,safe and reliable.
* The Rat Bait Station is a universal design for use with any type of rat bait in either indoor or outdoor environments
Secure double lock opening
* Complete with removable tray and rod for loose, block or pasta bait, it can put bait,can hang perforated wax block,can put a
record card.
* In an enbironment where drugs are not permitted,the mating trap can be placed in the Rat bait box.
650.00 php(VAT incl.)
Rodent Bait Box (Small)
Traps / Monitors / Bait Boxes
The rat bait station is a universal design for use with any type of rat bait in either indoor or outdoor environments.
Moisture resistant blocks, stays fresh in damp and wet weather.
The bait box can be set up with poison and a mouse trap, protecting the environment.
The station holds the bait securely, keeping it neatly inside protected from any accidental exposure to dogs and kids or ingestion.
Use it anywhere you have rodent activity: You can use the station inside the warehouse, house, garage, shed, basement, barn or outdoors in your backyard, front garden or terrace as it is weatherproof and tamper resistant.
Made of high quality plastic material, durable and reusable. Having a detachable lid.
Dimensions: 25x9.5x9.5cm(9.84x3.74x3.74in)(approx)
265.00 php(VAT incl.)
SPM Black Stripe Delta Kit
Traps / Monitors / Bait Boxes
3 Pcs

The ideal six month solution for stored product moth monitoring. Unique black stripe design proven to increase insect catch. Designed for detection and monitoring of beetle and weevil pests on and near the surface of stored grain pulses and foodstuffs. include: Lure
200.00 php(VAT incl.)
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